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We are now enrolling students for the 2021-2022 school year. Please email [email protected] for more information.

MVMS Curriculum

Young children do not learn in discrete chunks, dictated by their chronological age. Rather, they develop at their own pace and follow their unique developmental patterns, which may vary greatly from child to child. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the child to work in a classroom where the curriculum provides access to appropriate learning opportunities when they are ready for them, rather than be held to the pace of the entire class.

Our Montessori curriculum is a 3-year cycle of study, and covers skills and knowledge presented to children between the ages of 2.9 to 6 years old. A wide variety of curriculum levels are available at all times, in all subject areas. Progress along the curriculum is attained by changes in the work on the shelves each month. By being presented with the curriculum in this way, children at a Montessori school construct their knowledge in a developmentally appropriate way, and in a time frame that suits each individual child.

The curriculum is divided into a number of areas, although there may be considerable overlap in the skills that the children learn while working within these sections. The four primary areas teach math, language arts, practical life, and sensorial awareness, with social and emotional learning playing a key role within our curriculum. Additionally, we focus on cultural studies, geography, science, art, music, and physical education. 

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