Spanish Classes

“The need for global awareness and understanding has never been so great. Our world is rapidly changing as technology bridges the gap between people and cultures. Being fluent in more than one language will be of great benefit for children as they become true citizens of the world.”


45-minute after-school Spanish class.
Lessons will focus on speaking and listening comprehension.
Multiple approaches will be used to accommodate all learning styles.


Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday afternoons – 3:15-4:00

Cost per class

$10 per child for a group of 10-12 (max),
$15 per child for a group of 7-9 children
$25 per child for a group of 4-6 children.

Register and Payment

You may register with Senora Herrera by email or for current students, before or after class.
Please send name, age, email/phone number and which day/days you want your child to take class.
Payment is due on or before the first class.
Parents may attend and sit with their child but it is not mandatory


 Kim M. Herrera [email protected]